Flavor of the Day in July REVEALED!

20% off one exclusive every day in July!

Beginning Monday, 7/1, a different Red Star exclusive will be on sale at 20% off! This time around, we’ve expanded the selections to include Dispo Bars and Dispo Juice as well as Red Star Juice.

No coupon is required to take advantage of these deals – simply walk in and ask for the Flavor of the Day! These offers start this coming Monday and run through the end of July. “Buy 2” discounts do stack on days with Dispo Bars! Valid in-store and online.

This coming week:

Monday – 7/1
Dispo Juice – Watermelon Ice

Tuesday – 7/2
Red Star Juice – Mr. Apples

Wednesday – 7/3
Dispo Juice – Peach Ice

Thursday – 7/4 (we are open!)
Dispo Bar 9K – Watermelon  Strawberry Ice

Friday – 7/5
Red Star Juice – Pineapple Xpress