iMix Update


In compliance with federal mandates, we have removed iMix products from our website. This includes base and flavor shots. The FDA Premarket Tobacco Product Application deadline took effect on September 9th and has had far-reaching impacts on the vapor industry as a whole. Red Star Vapor and American Vapor Group have submitted over 40 flavors for approval to be sold into the future. We have successfully dealt with changes like this in the past, and we are committed to remain your #1 destination for all things vapor! We will be expanding our premium selection with approved flavors, and continuing to carry the latest and greatest hardware available for sale.

If your favorite flavor is no longer available, please take a moment to review our updated flavor menu to help you find another great AV juice tailored to your taste. All of the flavors on the menu will continue to be stocked as AV Premium Juice or Salts.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via