It’s all the rage – RAZ DC25000

These are moving fast!

A new contender for the hottest vape around has finally arrived at Red Star Vapor. The RAZ DC25000 is here, and comes ready to roll with an enormous screen and up to 25,000 puffs. This device marks a step forward in the world of disposable vapes, shown by the massive and easy to read screen across the face of the device.

Jump into fifteen different flavors, with some original offerings like Iced Blue DragonNight CrawlerBangin’ Sour Berries, and Sour Watermelon Peach. Of course, you can grab classics as well, like Blue Raz Ice and Miami Mint. Kick up the flavor a extra notch by setting the device to boost mode for even more cloud per puff!

A large 800mAh rechargeable battery will keep the device alive all day long and then some. When it runs out, juice it up with a USB-C cable!

The DC25000 is now available at all Red Star Vapor and JVapes locations. We’ve got all 15 flavors out right now, but they’re moving fast! Be sure to call ahead to make sure we’ve got the one you’re after.