EVO CBD Pre-Roll


Pre-roll CBD cones from EVO. Sold individually.


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Pre-rolled CBD cones from EVO. Cones contain 1.4 grams of high-quality hemp flower in a RAW king size cone to ensure quality and consistency. These cones come in two strains, each tailored for specific effects. Cones are sold individually and are packed in glass containers with a secure metal twist-off cap. Each cone contains about 13-16% CBD content and ≤0.3% delta 9-THC, so they can be purchased by anyone. Lab results are available through a QR code on the label. Sold individually.


Frosted Lime – 13.04% CBD content –  A sativa dominant strain with a potent skunky and citrus-tinged scent. Heightens the senses and makes for a relaxing daytime smoke. Enjoy the benefits of the CBD content without the “slow” feeling sometimes created with an indica strain.

Remedy 1 – 16.92% CBD content – An indica-dominant strain created from a cross of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk. Flowers have a slightly yellow color and a lemon-pine scent. Remedy 1 is noted for its very high therapeutic  benefits and very low psychoactive properties. This strain is best for a relaxing day cap and will be more of a body-focused effect.

All products listed contain ≤ 0.3% delta 9-THC.