PHX Naturals CBD Pet Spray- 500mg Peanut Butter Flavor


60ml ● 2 oz ● 500mg ● Isolate CBD ● Peanut Butter Flavor

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An easy to carry and simple solution for pets has arrived! PHX Naturals CBD Pet Spray is an ideal product for our animal friends. Simply spray onto pet food, onto paws, in water, or directly into your pets mouth; this offers a wonderful peanut butter flavoring and is a great way to give them all the CBD they need!


*Shake well before use*
*Keep out of direct sunlight*


Dosing chart:

Small dog (20 pounds or less) : 1-2 pumps

Medium dog (20-50 pounds) : 2-3 pumps

Large dog (50+ pounds): 3+ pumps



Ingredients: CBD Isolate, MCT oil, Artificial and Natural flavoring (May contain trace amounts of peanut matter, do not take if allergic to nuts)