PHX Naturals Flavored CBD E-Juice


60mL ● 500mg Isolate CBD ● Fast and Effecient Dosage


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Give your CBD a kick of flavor with these killer CBD E-Juice options! Our specially formulated 20/80 PG/VG Isolate CBD blend is perfect for any tank or atomizer, and will deliver quick effecient dosages of CBD! This is a stand-alone CBD E-Juice option containing no Nicotine, and offers 500mg per bottle, ideal for someone looking for a flavorful way to intake your CBD!

We offer 4 flavor varieties to insure your flavor preference is met!

Starting with our Strawberry Apple; a sweet strawberry mixed with hints of apple flavoring, this is a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys refreshing CBD flavors!

Next is our Blue Raspberry; a fruity blue slushie like flavor that packs a punch of flavor and satisfies all!

Third is our Strawberry Custard; a fan favorite for your sweet tooth, this delicious dessert option is sure to blow you out of the water with the delicious fruit undertones and rich creamy custard flavor.

Last but not least is our Dragon Fruit Ice; a wild blend of fruits such as honeydew and papaya, with a big splash of dragon fruit on ICE, a cooling menthol option that is ideal for hot summer days.


Contains 0% THC.

Contains 500mg CBD

Contains 0% Nicotine


Ingredients: PG, VG, CBD Isolate