Octo E.D.C. Cartridge Battery


Compact Cartridge Battery from Octo.


Octo brand brings us their E.D.C. Cartridge Battery. This compact and sleek cartridge battery carries a 550mAh internal battery, has a six month warranty, and charges via Micro USB located on the bottom of the device. There is also a light to indicate battery level for the device; Red light – Low Power, Blue light – Medium Power, and White light – High Power. These discreet palm size batteries use a magnetic adapter to securely attach to your cartridges and feature a viewing window so you can keep an eye on your oil levels.


  • 550mah Internal Battery.
  • 6-months replacement warranty.
  • LED light to indicate battery power.
  • Transparent window to show oil level.
  • Compatible with all cartridges.
  • Micro USB charger with auto shut off and short circuit protection.
  • Includes: 1x Octo E.D.C. Cartridge Battery, 1x Micro USB cable, 2x Magnetic Adapters


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