Creamy Nut

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Caramel and hazelnut with a hint of chocolate.


Caramel and hazelnut with a hint of chocolate.

“This Product Contains a Chemical Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer or Birth Defects or Other Reproductive Harm. Keep out of reach of Children and Pets. Not for Underage Sale. This product contains Nicotine, which is not derived from Tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive Chemical.”
“Made in the USA”
Made with TFN (Tobacco-Free Nicotine).

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0mg, 3mg, 6mg

26 reviews for Creamy Nut

  1. Mikey

    A new favorite for me. Not to sweet. Nice hazelnut flavor. Good Carmel notes on the exhale.

  2. Michael

    This is the second vape juice that I bought at a local Red Star Vapor on Black Friday, and I was underwhelmed with its flavor. If you love caramel, then you will definitely like this juice; however, for me, it was like going to a coffee shop and having the barista pump too many caramel syrup shots into it making it way too sweet. I was expecting it to taste more like the Ferrero Rocher candies or even Nutella spread due to its description, but I couldn’t really taste any of the hazelnut or chocolate—the combination of the hazelnut and chocolate give it a slight burnt taste on the inhale and exhale for my palate, even with swapping in a brand new PnP coil on my pod system. I definitely like the Frost Dragon juice better than the Creamy Nut.

  3. Aaron 10

    Creamy Nut is BOMB!
    Definitely amongst The Best out there, No Doubt. Was hooked on Naked brand
    GoNanas for YEARS but had trouble finding it so I tried Red Star’s Banana Stand
    It’s AMAZING too! I don’t buy Naked anymore. I buy my juice at Red Star Vape 🤙🏼

  4. Joshua

    For me so far, this is my go to favorite out of the 15 or so flavors ive tried. It was between this and the sugar cub. This one is smooth and good tasting but not overpowering.

  5. cindy campos (verified owner)

    Great ! This juice will always be in my reorder list. I liked it from the very first time I used it. One of my favorites.

  6. sara turner (verified owner)

    It’s the ONLY ejuice I’ve bought in over a year of DIYing !

    I wish I could copy the blend it’s so good. I’ll keep trying though!!

  7. jskeeney84 (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE Nutella so when I saw this I had to try it. I wasn’t disappointed. I can definitely taste the killer chocolate and hazelnut combination. It is mellow but very tasty. Will definitely purchase again.

  8. roxierae (verified owner)

    I love this juice! Very true to taste. This is my new all day vape! I bought 1 120ml and I need to buy more already! I love it!

  9. Cathy (verified owner)

    Great ! This juice is always in my reorder list. I liked it from the very first time I used it. One of my favorites.

  10. Nickadoo

    Creamy Nut, by itself, is a decent juice with a mild, semi-sweet flavor. I’d be inclined to give it three stars. However, as a mixer with other juices, though, it really pops. When blended with one of the fruitier dessert vapes, the hazelnut/caramel seems to give it a nice graham cracker taste that enhances both juices. I’d recommend it in combo with Echo, Honeybun and Sugar Cub in particular.

  11. Marcus Leblanc (verified owner)

    Again awesome juice, my go to favorite

  12. bruce watson (verified owner)

    I really love this juice, its not to sweet and the flavor is spot on!

  13. david11santoyo93 (verified owner)

    Good juice. Got the 120ml. Almost done with it. Ordered the 3mg of creamy nut and i got to say it’s alright
    Still testing out flavors and new to vape. Hope this is a good review. I hope you guys find the juice you’re looking for when you buy this product. Didn’t know what to think about this line of e-juice. If you like everything that this juice contains i would suggest to get it. I bought this product because of the chocolate.

  14. MJ (verified owner)

    Great flavor yet it smells like just caramel!

  15. Cameron Sabir-Beach

    Coming from Baltimore I couldn’t find any shops or juices I liked until I found this, I can vape it all day ??

  16. Dusty Tanco (verified owner)

    Mmm this is probably my favorite flavor arena so far and this flavor is probably the best of this range I’ve had in a long time I love this flavor just buy some you’ll be glad you did

  17. Richard Hetrick

    Just got it today and it taste really good and smooth.

  18. Troyal Diefenderfer

    Now, I’m completely new to vaping and a manager at work recommended Red Star, I went in he 405th E Eisenhower location and it was a nice little store, the guy that worked there recommended this and I think its pretty fabulous

  19. mslingolady (verified owner)

    I discovered Red Star Vapor awhile ago online so I now prefer to order my juice from them. I start by ordering the smallest bottle of juice in the event that I don’t like it. I graduated to a large bottle of Creamy Nut as it my absolute favorite. 5 stars for sure !

  20. Debby hueske

    My favorite juice ever!!! Buy the biggest bottle, you will love it!!!

  21. Marcus Leblanc

    I been using one vapor companies juice due to the quality of ingredients. But I found this one by accident and hands down my favorite period. Super aroma

  22. vivica (verified owner)

    I only have 2 vape juices I like. This one and another one from a different company. I have tried many and they are just ehhhh. I LOVE this one. Has an amazing flavor. I can even mix it with the other one I use and it tastes great. I bought a small bottle at the vape store and after trying it I had to come here to buy a big bottle. You will not be disappointed with this vape! Rich, creamy and sweet. Nutty flavor with a light chocolate and caramel. Very smooth.

  23. Jaime Fout (verified owner)

    I just got this in the mail today and I love it! The nuttiness is not overpowering and this is the first juice I’ve had that really tastes creamy. Definitely an ADV.

  24. Johnny (verified owner)

    Great juice..I love it come in this past week and been vaping it since..definitely will order more

  25. mariann morrison

    my favorite!!!

  26. Don

    Great all day vape! not overpowering, awesome alternative to a tobacco base. I really like this juice!

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