New this week – fresh disposables!

More Geek Bar Pulse flavors + 2 new devices from Lost Mary!

Trying to keep up with all the latest in the vape world? Red Star has got you covered. This week, stores will be loaded up with 5 new Geek Bar Pulse flavors – including OMG Blow Pop, Berry Bliss, Crazy Melon, and more! The Pulse has been an enormous hit, so we’re bringing in all the flavors we can. Try them out if you haven’t already!

The Lost Mary MT15000 turbo takes the “MO” form factor, loads it up with more far more puffs, and a screen. It also boasts a TURBO mode for even more flavor. Simply tap the button on the bottom to toggle it on or off and vape away! This device comes in unique flavors like Baja Splash, Dr Cherry, Citrus Sunrise, and more. The MT15000 is only available at select locations – for now, so be sure to call ahead if you’re looking to score one.

Perhaps the most interesting of the bunch is the Off-Stamp from Lost Mary. This device is sold as a kit – featuring a disposable vape side and a battery pack that snaps on with a powerful magnet. Between the vape and battery, it contains a whopping 1,000mAh of battery life, nearly double the other devices! Once you’ve purchased a kit, you can save $$$ by keeping the battery and purchasing the vape side separately! Red Star Vapor will carry both the kits and the vape-only side in six classic flavors like Juicy Peach, Miami Mint, and Sour Lush Gummy! 

Like the MT15000, the Off-Stamp will only be available at select locations. You have to see it in person to experience this awesome innovation in the space!

Call ahead to confirm availability as stores receive stock throughout the week. The MT15000 and Off-Stamp will only be sold at select locations as we gauge their reception. Stay tuned for updates!