Hohm Tech Hohm School Uno 1-Bay Charger


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The Hohm Tech Hohm School Uno charger is the little cousin to the ever popular Hohm School 2-Bay and 4-Bay chargers. Having the same Smart Charging tech, it comes in a conveniently small package but with a powerful 2A charging capacity and a handy LED indicator. Its IPR system insures it will protect your USB charger and is PCB/PCM compatible. These tiny chargers can handle massive batteries up to 71mm long and 30mm wide giving you plenty of options.


  • 1-Bay Charger
  • LED Battery Indicator
  • Charging Output: 2A
  • Low Voltage Activation
  • Compatible with most Li-Ion Cells (26650/26500/22650/22500/21700/20700/20650/18700/18650/18490/18350/16500/14650/13450/12650/10500/10440/more)