Octo Athena Concentrate Vape Pen


Portable and durable wax vaporizer pen.

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The Athena Vape Pen is a sleek and stylish device made by Octo. The compact and discreet nature of the device makes it perfect for on the go use. Just load with your preferred concentrates and set the power to your preference. To power on and power off the device it takes five clicks of the fire button, and three clicks to adjust the power level. A pre-heat mode can be activated with two clicks of the fire button to help loosen up thick concentrates. This powerful and modern looking vape is made of  high quality materials and is sure to deliver.


  • 900mah battery with 3 variable power options.
  • Power Options:
    • Red Light (Low): 3.2-2.4V
    • Blue Light (Medium): 3.5-3.8V
    • White Light (Max): 3.9-4.2V
  • Low-power preheat mode with double click.
  • Replaceable dual quartz coils.
  • Easy to use magnetic coil cap.
  • Micro USB charger.
  • Glow in the dark silicon container, extra coil, charging cable, and dabber included.